Dixionary Website

Vill correct each & eweryone

Global varming is a hoax

Scammer Language

Scammer language is a language based on hov indian scammers speak. This amazing language is based on the inferior english language. Scammer language is basically changing seweral letter in a vord. Like in the vord Dict ionary ve change ct for x and ve get the vord dixionary. Ve also hawe the most common change vhich is changing any v' s to w's and wice wersa. This sometimes causes a lot of confusion since there are some vords that hawe a meaning in e nglish if you vhere to change a v to w, ve still do it and svap the meanings. Ve also hawe th vhich is simply changed to onl y a t. Of course there are exception of the rules, like the vord compauter, vhich is unique since it doesn't hawe a p atern. Owerall scammer langauge is oviously the superior choice.


Scammer language reciewes a lot of hate. Vhich is kinda expected since people get offended by each an d eweryone nov a days lool. Their main reason is that it doesn't make sense or its just plain stupid, thankfully they hawen't read the vebsite. Tankfuly after reading this people might change their main since it should make sence if t hey hawe vorking brain lool. Please don't kill me.

Correction Bot

DixionaryBot is the official scammer langauge correction bot. It has almost each and e wery scammer vord that exists, This discord bots can correct each and eweryone and its owerall a really nice bot. Thi s bot uses its ovn api vhich vill allov anyone to dewelop apps vith it. Vhich vill probably newer happen but I must n ewer loose hope. In the future you'll be able to configure the bot though this vebsite.